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 What is a lease?
A lease is an agreement between the owner (Lessor) and the user (Lessee) for the use of equipment involving a monthly rental fee. Each lease is tailored to fit a lessee’s needs.

 Why should I lease?
It makes sense! This is a convenient and economical way to obtain equipment and keep money in your pocket!
 How do I qualify?
Every application is based on the industry, dollar amount of leased equipment and time in business.  Applicants should have a clean personal credit, bank and trade references, business address and tax ID number.
 What kind of equipment do you finance?
We finance equipment for hundreds of franchises including office equipment, computers, restaurant equipment, light trucks and trailers.
Is a down payment required for most equipment?
No, but at FranchiseLeasing.com we do require a payment in advance as a security deposit.
 Do I need to obtain insurance for the equipment?
Yes, we can offer an insurance agent that specializes in the type of equipment you lease.
 What is the maximum and minimum amount I can lease?
At FranchiseLeasing.com we specialize in leases ranging from $10K - $250K.
 Is there a pre-pay penalty with equipment leasing?
No, since we offer flexible with payments, there are no such penalties for pre-payments.
 Is equipment leasing tax deductible?
Yes, in most cases equipment leasing is tax deductible.